Modular Medical Building Construction
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Our ABS System

Ramtech's Accelerated Building System (ABS) is our premier construction method for designing and constructing mid to large-sized permanent healthcare facilities. Developed as a comprehensive turnkey project delivery method, the construction part of the ABS process utilizes prefabricated sections which are manufactured with the ceiling and walls attached, but without a floor, then transported to the project site and crane-set directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. This allows the concrete slab to become the floor of the structure just like a building that was completely built on site. After all of the prefabricated sections are set into place and secured by welding them to the foundation, the building is weathered-in and the exterior and interior finish-out process begins. Using Ramtech's ABS construction process for your project can provide you with:

  • A 10-25% reduction in design and construction costs
  • Shortened construction timelines of 25-40%
  • Substantially less site disruption than other methods
  • Buildings that use Type II (steel) and Type V (wood) construction

The Accelerated Building System approach provides the quality and flexibility you need in a modern healthcare facility along with the ability to put your project on an extremely aggressive construction schedule. Add to that the standard or custom floor plan designs we have available, and Ramtech can meet virtually any of your space needs.