Modular Medical Building Construction
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Modular Construction Benefits

By combining the best features of both off-site and on-site building techniques, modular construction provides a fast and cost-effective approach when building facilities of all sizes. In the modular building process simultaneous construction tracts are used to manufacture the building sections to a 60 to 80% completion (including the application of most of the interior and exterior finishes) while the required site development and improvements are also being performed. When the site improvements are completed, the individual modules are trucked to the site, set onto an engineered concrete foundation, then quickly weathered-in and finished-out on site. Our modular construction process can provide for:

  • Type V (wood) and Type II (steel) structures
  • Lower design and construction costs
  • Faster project completion
  • Flexible financing alternatives
  • Minimal site disruptions and delays

Ramtech's modular medical construction approach is able to provide healthcare facilities that range from temporary rural clinics to permanent hospital additions. When performed using design-build project delivery, our modular construction process results in a superior high quality facility with lower overall design and construction costs. It also allows for an accelerated construction time-line which minimizes weather related delays and damage, leads to less site disruptions, and a provides for a greater degree of safety. The result is a high quality well designed structure that, with proper maintenance, can meet or exceed an expected 50-year life span.