Modular Medical Building Construction
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Permanent Healthcare Buildings

Since 1982 Ramtech's permanent medical buildings have been a flexible and affordable alternative to meeting the requirements of many types of healthcare providers. Whether you need more administrative or medical office space, a diagnostic imaging center, or a community health clinic, our traditional permanent modular construction (PMC) can help you get the facility you want when you need it. It's a highly flexible construction approach that can accommodate the healthcare markets challenging technical and aesthetic requirements faster and with less costs than other forms of permanent construction. Our PMC process is ideal for many types of healthcare facilities including:

  • Administrative and medical offices
  • Rural health centers
  • Labs and clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Specialty medicine buildings

Over the years we have developed a large selection of standard and customizable floor plans for each of these types of facilities in addition to our ability to design new facilities or additions to existing an structure. And, as a vertically integrated construction company Ramtech is able to bring our flexible and affordable permanent modular construction solutions to healthcare providers in remote, rural, or urban areas throughout the Southwest. No matter what type of healthcare facility you looking for, Ramtech guarantees that you'll get a permanent medical building that will meet your specific requirements and timeframe without breaking your budget.